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Executive Close Protection Services
(Discreet, Sensitive, Precise, Refined and Robust Protective Services)

We offer Bodyguards and Protective solutions in UK to any destinations worldwide.
We also offer protective services to high net worth individuals and organizations on both dedicated long and short assignments.
ShadowGuard has an impeccable record of servicing some prominent stars, VIPs, athletes, celebrities, along with assisting in resolving high threat/high risk occurrences. All of our members are rigorously selected and trained extensively in-house to ensure the highest level of protective services.Our members must maintain the highest level of fitness and periodically undergo physical and psychological evaluations. All our Protection Specialists undergo multiple yearly assessments to ensure adherence to company requirements.

Be it for your private life or business needs, we extend our executive close protection services to multiple agencies in need of some of the most refined protective services available. ShadowGuard Security offers customized security services to individuals, corporations and NGOs, both domestically and internationally.

We take the time to design and draft a security plan to ensure prime safety every step of the way.
Our executive close protective services include airport, transport, hotel, vehicular, event, household, victim protection, witness protection programs, along with site, facility and asset protection.
Should we take on your case after an original assessment, a case worker will be immediately appointed to you. This case worker will be available 24/7 while under our watch.

Whether for your family, assets, well-being, business, personnel, facilities or events, ShadowGuard Security delivers the highest standards of executive close protective services.


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