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Events Security Guard Services in Manchester
ShadowGuard Security services caters for security guards at all types of events. It is important for the public and event co-ordinators to feel safe during events. ShadowGuard Security services Security Guards are able to cater for all types of events.

ShadowGuard Event Security Guards are the first line of defence for any matters that will impact public safety, and the image of the event. The Event Security Guards will provide a variety of services, and not limited to:


Customer Service
Standing at designated spots and assisting the public with any queries, at the same time maintaining a vigilant lookout for any issues that may disrupt the proceedings. These Professionals can also assist in the ticketing booths, as well as at the entry turnstiles to ensure safety for the public.

Security Guards
These event security guards will remain at strategic positions keeping a presence that will deter offenders. They are trained to keep control of disruptions and work in collaboration with the local police to handle any situation.

Barrier control
Ensuring that protection is provided by not allowing unwanted public at a designated event.
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