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ShadowGuard Security Services FAQ's

- Are your security and crowd control personal fluent in English?

Yes, our security and crowd control staff are; fluent in the use of English and well presented.

- What are your services payment terms?
We offer flexible payment terms of a weekly, fortnight or monthly payment credit term for businesses, government agencies and corporations. For individuals, we request payment prior to service.

- What is your coverage area for your security and crowd control service?

We cover all Manchester Area for contract and retainer security hire services.

- How soon can you provide us with your security services?

We can deploy our security and crowd control officers to you between 1-2 hours in Manchester and surrounding suburbs once booking/payment confirmation is made.

- How many security guards do I need?

The standard rule has always been 2x security/crowd control personnel for a 100 patron. We will suggest you send us an email for further free assessment and advice.


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